La Crosse County Adventure Team

The La Crosse County Adventure Team provides kids (and their coaches) with a fun, non-competitive atmosphere to learn to be the best version of themselves through outdoor adventure. As a team, kids will discover the outdoors around them, overcoming age-appropriate challenges, supporting each other, and celebrating everyone’s successes on and off the bike. Dedicated volunteer coaches will lead weekly group rides that allow kids to explore their abilities, safely push their boundaries, and have fun while acquiring life-long skills and building resiliency that can be carried through other aspects of their lives. Not all kids will be at the same level, but they can work together as a team, building strong relationships with each other and encouraging each other along the way. We want to foster a growth mindset and teach the “power of yet” by showing kids that obstacles become easier to overcome if they keep practicing.

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Middle School and High School Mountain Bike Team