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Top 22 of 2022: Day 19. This year we were able to expand on our volunteer trail work by hiring a crew of 5 maintenance staff! This allowed some of the bigger projects to be completed, and still allowed for our weekly volunteer nights. These guys did an amazing job of rehabbing several different areas, creating alternate lines and more. Thanks crew! Look for them to return in 2023! #getoutside #optoutside #GivingTuesday ... See MoreSee Less
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INPUT OPPORTUNITY: The WI DNR Master Plan for our region is being updated. What needs to be considered for recreation and conservation on our public lands? Provide your input 👇 ... See MoreSee Less
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Chad Erickson Memorial Park Treehouse

We’re excited to work again with Whole Trees in partnership with the Chad Erickson family to bring the community an outstanding asset within the Community Forest at Chad Erickson Park. We are so excited to bring this wheelchair accessible treehouse project to life!

West Salem Bike Playground coming in 2023

We are in process of implementing this new bike playground for 2023. So far the planning process has been going great! Check out our site to keep up to date.

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ORA Trail Stories

Our first of a video series, ORA Trail Stories, by Keachen Abing. In the premier, Dobby Englebert shares her passion for our local trails. Dobby is a mom, grandmother, is active in Pickleball and has always been a trail user. The recent purchase of an ebike has opened up a whole new world of adventure! You will often see Dobby exploring the Gateway Trails in La Crosse, Wisconsin. When you do, introduce yourself! She is truly an ambassador for our community!

“These are everyone’s trails. So use them! I love these trails.”

Winter ski season is approaching fast!

The ski trails have been marked on the golf course. The re-newed Fern Trail was re-cut this summer, leaf blown this fall, and is ready for action. And last but not least, our new groomer is ready for action! Let is snow.

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Upper Hixon Trails

ORA Trails, in cooperation with the City of La Crosse Parks and Recreation Department, hired Rock Solid Trail Contracting to repair the Upper Hixon mountain bike trails that were in desperate need of rehab after torrential rains last summer. On Wednesday, July 25th we hosted a Grand Opening and ribbon cutting for the new trails. Watch our video for a preview of the new trails.

Lueth Park Bicycle Playground

In cooperation with the City of La Crosse, ORA Trails led the efforts for the Lueth Park Revitalization project which includes improved neighborhood access, repairing the skatepark, removing an undersized and underused baseball field, and installing a bicycle playground. We also installed a hard surface pump track that compliments the other improvements and rounds out the project. This park serves as an activity hub and a highlight of the neighborhood, fostering pride and building community.

From Our Community


Keachen & Jill Abing

The trails of the La Crosse area are a true blessing for our entire family. The natural beauty of our area serves as an escape whether for trail running, family time at the pump track, or hitting up some dirt on our bikes!

Gabe & Annie Berendes

One of the main reasons we chose to live where we do is the fact that we can be on the bike trails within five blocks of our home year round. Our whole family (boys 7 & 9) is able to engage the trails in a way that's unique to each of their levels. This allows us all to love and grow in the sport of mountain biking that is equally challenging and rewarding.

Dan & Jennie Wateski

On a nice night, we just head to the trails and use them as family time where we can ride and be together. We love that it's just a short drive from where we live and we can be riding on the trails instead of worrying about traffic on the streets. During the school's mountain biking season, we are on the trails daily, even if using just Vista for a quick ride or workout.

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