West Salem Bike Playground

A design draft from Rock Solid Trail Contracting shows our basic concept for the bicycle playground. There are features for all skill levels, including strider bikes all the way up to skilled riders.

The concept utilizes existing terrain features and incorporates an intermediate flow track with a smaller entry level track. A ‘stroll and roll’ path connects the parking area to the point and allows users to hop on and off wherever they please along the way. To wrap it all up, we’ll add some light landscaping and signage!

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It’s been a while since you participated in our community input survey for the West Salem Bike Playground Project. We had overwhelming participation and support, so we owe you a big THANK YOU for providing input.

The West Salem wheeled sports playground is designed to provide recreation opportunities to all ages and abilities of users. We requested your input, and you blew us away with your participation. We heard what you asked for and are aiming to build a paved wheeled sports playground that is both beginner and youngster friendly, sustainable, and has enough interesting features that experienced users will also have a blast. A variety of amenities and features make this multi-faceted playground design a crowd-pleaser.

We had the opportunity in late Spring of 2022 to present this project in front of the West Salem Recreation Committee, as well as the Village Board. Both Parties approved the initial proposal and Lewis Point Park as the project site. This was the green light we needed to be able to initiate the planning and design phase with professional builders.

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An example of a wheeled sports park found locally is the Lueth Park Pump Track and Bicycle Playground in La Crosse.

Video Credit: David Nash

We all know that it takes a team to make really cool projects happen.

Here are some of our project partners; neighbors in our community who think this project is just as important as we do.