Community Trail Farm

“We in the United States are leading such busy, strenuous lives that recreation has become an absolute necessity. We are in a hurry all the time. If we are going to keep pace with our civilization, we must give the public an outlet in the great outdoors.” – Louis H. Pammel, 1924


Connecting and protecting our special places while building community in nature

  • Advance the goals of THE BLUFFLANDS – A Plan for Conservation and Recreation Throughout the La Crosse – La Crescent Region 
  • Preserve 250+ acres of forests, streams, prairies, and bluffs for public enjoyment
  • Use 10-15 miles of world class trails to connect our community to nature and to each other
  • Provide a platform to welcome users into nature and to provide education on cultural, historical, and ecological significance of the site and surrounding area

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Gift Pyramid – See what it will take to raise the funds.

Campaign Volunteer Position Descriptions – Help us out as we bring this project to reality.

Campaign Readiness Study + Executive Summary – Key findings from 128 individuals shows the proposed campaign has merit, is justifiable, and has the leadership ability and financial capacity to fundraise $6M

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Mini Case Executive Summary Draft

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