Upper Hixon: Poor. Trails are wet and muddy.
The Gateway: Poor. Trails are wet and muddy.
Lower Hixon: Poor. Trails are wet and muddy.
Star Wars Galaxy in Upper Hixon: Poor. Trails are wet and muddy.

Trail Friends Fund

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Dear Trail Friend,

As you well know, I can go on for hours about outdoor recreation (or just about anything else), so I’ll spare you some time and get to the point.  Without the support of friends like you, ORA wouldn’t be where we are today, and we wouldn’t have a vision for tomorrow.  In the last year and a half, we have seen enough changes to last a decade. Our biggest change is the addition of  three staff members.  With full time staff members, we can increase communication, organization, messaging, follow-through, and every other aspect of the organization, resulting in more miles of trails, more volunteer hours, more celebrations, and a better outdoor experience for all.  Now we are ready to take some big leaps forward.  One of those leaps is in fundraising.

By committing to take on paid staff members we are committed to investing in our organization’s future, and like any good investment, we are looking forward to enjoying the returns.  The financial generosity of our supporters allows us to create more community links and impact through our programs.  We are kicking off our “Trail Friends Annual Campaign” which will allow us to expand our Community Impact Teams to more parks and more communities as well as continue to build great trail assets and amenities that will engage a wider range of users.

ORA Trails is dedicated to being a trail advocacy and development leader across the region and nation.  We strive to be at the front of the pack by letting our strong suits shine in the community, bringing value to municipalities, local businesses, residents, and visitors.  We rely on our tribe of supportive donors and volunteers to provide the backing needed to plant the seeds and bring to maturation innovative outdoor experiences.  Your gift of time and funds will help support all our values and build community equity through the following commitments.

VOLUNTEERISM:  Each year we activate over 300 volunteers to build and maintain trails, share stories of our community, and plan future recreational opportunities.

EDUCATION:  We provide ongoing safety and instructional training to our volunteers and crew leaders.  This allows all trail workers the training they need to work in a safe and sustainable manner.  Keep an eye out for upcoming chainsaw, trail builder, and equipment operator trainings.

EQUIPMENT:  We keep our volunteers equipped with standard basic hand tools, but also provide the specialized equipment needed for our craftspeople to create innovative and unique features in our community. You’ll see the results of their efforts anytime you head out to a local trail.

PROJECTS:  Every year we have friends come forward asking how to get a trail or park or pump track in their neighborhood.  We have crafted project development tools to share as another resource that helps bring new trails and amenities to neighborhoods throughout our community.  Our fundraising efforts directly support these new projects.

PROGRAMMING:  ORA Trails has always supported grass roots and community wide events and activities like youth mountain biking, paddle races, group hikes, overnight camping outings, and film festivals. Bringing an idea to life connects our community with their neighbors outdoors.

CELEBRATIONS:  What better way to reminisce with old friends and make new ones than a party?  Sometimes we call it FUNraising rather than fundraising.  From BBQs to ribbon cuttings to formal galas, we love a good get together.  These celebrations are a great way to show the community what we accomplished and build momentum for the future.

ORA Trails is dedicated to building happy, healthy, and resilient communities by providing access to equitable and sustainable outdoor experiences.  This is our mission and you are part of the team that helps us boldly march it forward.  We are grateful for your past and future contributions.  Please consider making a gift that will keep our momentum alive.  If you would like to jump on it right away, you can quickly and easily give online at www.oratrails.org/donate and you can even set up monthly giving there.  If you’d rather pay by check, I’m happy to arrange pick-up, or you can mail it over to:


ORA Trails
125 N 7th St.
La Crosse, WI 54601


With sincere gratitude,


Jed Olson
Executive Director, ORA Trails

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