Our team is comprised of community-minded, big thinkers

Jed Olson

Executive Director

  • Cultivates meaningful relationships with board, staff, volunteers, community partners and supporters.
  • Facilitates the development of strategic action to advance the organizational mission.
  • Builds organizational capacity to accomplish program goals.
  • Serves as a representative of ORA Trails through community engagement and partner organizations.
  • Empowers staff and volunteers to execute organizational projects and programs.
  • Maintains financially responsible budget and operation process.
  • Executes operational actions and decisions as guided by the board.

Arrie Teale

Administrative Coordinator

  • Coordinates communication processes to keep volunteers, board members, partners, and the public connected.
  • Assists committees, board members, partners, and volunteers with scheduling activities.
  • Organizes events including educational opportunities, volunteer opportunities, community events and informative opportunities.
  • Coordinates activities to research, identify, and track grant opportunities and maintain grant opportunity database.
  • Assists in maintaining effective partnerships with local government, service groups, and conservation organizations.
  • Maintains written and digital resources including agreements, volunteer data, and standard operating procedures.

Jillian Olson

Operations Coordinator

  • Coordinates the development, implementation, and oversight of trail construction and maintenance projects.
  • Assists budgeting, staffing, and reporting.
  • Helps establish the budget and ensures the organization maintains sound financial practices, operates within budget guidelines, and carries out plans and policies authorized by the board.
  • Coordinates activities to complete grant applications and tracks progress.
  • Builds and maintains effective partnerships with local municipalities, donors, service groups, conservation organizations, and related state and federal agencies.
  • Actively participates and maintains a working knowledge of significant developments and trends in the field of outdoor recreation.
  • Provides public outreach and education on ORA Trails’ programs and goals.

Chris Stindt

Events Coordinator*

  • Develops, implements, and oversees local and regional events and programming including competitive, educational, corporate, and community events.
  • Manages or helps coordinate existing large competitive events with support from race/event directors, volunteers, and ORA staff. Ensures ORA Trails is marketed and visible throughout the event lead-up and day(s) of event.
  • Establishes fundraising and sponsorships programs for the events/event series. Assists ORA Trails staff with other fundraising and sponsorship activities.
  • Provides public outreach and education on ORA Trails’ programs and goals.

*Funded by directed donation