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La Crosse Trails

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Trails in Upper Hixon region are shared use and permit bikes however most trails in Lower Hixon are limited to hiking and running.

Upper Hixon

Distance: 12 miles
Difficulty: Beginner to Expert

Upper Hixon  Trailhead

This is the main trailhead for mountain biking that as the name implies is at the top of the trail system.

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Quarry Trailhead

This trailhead starts you on Quarry Trail, a great old school singletrack path that connects to the rest of the trails at Upper Hixon.

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Lower Hixon

Distance: 8 miles
Difficulty: Beginner to Intermediate

Lower Hixon Trailhead

Home to a lot of running and hiking trails (no biking) along with the famous 2.5 mile 700ft of elevation Vista Trail (open to bikes).

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Leuth Bicycle Park & Playground

An excellent place to take your kids to ride a blacktop pump track as well as winding bridges, teeter-totters and more. There is also a concrete skatepark that is connected to the bike playground.

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Trail Descriptions

Vista Trail

This trail can be accessed from the Lower Hixon Trailhead in La Crosse.  It is 2 miles long with 700ft of elevation change.  A great trail riding up or descending, watch for hikers, running and bikers as this trail is often busy.  There are some steep sections, but overall the trail mixes in some downhill segments nicely as you climb for a break. It is mostly hard packed with a few rocky sections and one sandy corner. You’ll see a sign at the first crest of the trail, continue onward.  Once you reach end of the trail you can continue right onto Trail of Champions (Vista 2) which will take you to Upper Hixon Trailhead OR you can turn left and ride the remaining bit of trail onto the blacktop road called “Rim of the City’ Rd.  Turn right onto Rim of the City Rd, ride to stop sign, turn left onto County Hwy FA and ride to the end of the road where you’ll see Quarry Trailhead.

Trail of Champions Trail (Vista 2)

This trail connects Vista to Upper Hixon Trailhead or in reverse order gets you from Upper Hixon Trails to Vista Trail as a descent. The trail has a fair bit of punchy climbs in either direction, ride with caution.

Quarry Trail

This trail is old school hand cut singletrack fun, a little under a mile in length, and can be ridden in either direction but flows best when starting from the Quarry Trailhead.

Chicanery Trail

Old School hand Cut Single Track. This is a directional DH trail, with a spur connection to the quarry trail, or take it to the bottom and climb out of the Abyss Trail to Bob Trail.

Stinky’s Trail

Old School hand cut tight single track. This is a directional trail that starts at the Abyss intersection and ends at Prairie Loop.

boB Trail

boB is a throwback to old school hand cut single track trail with some new reroutes in 2018. It rides like a downhill trail when starting from Prairie Loop and vice versa when starting from Abyss.

Twister Trail

One of the original trails at Upper Hixon Park, this trail serves as a great introduction to riding hand cut single track. There are some log and skinny options that can be found on this trail.

OB1 Trail

Rebuilt in 2018, with more flow, berms and rollers. There are also optional rock face jumps. This trail is part of the climbing return system from the bottom of Nerfherder Downhill.

Nerfherder Trail

Downhill Trail Build by Rock Solid Trail Contractors in 2018. Designed as a intermediate Level DH with Jumps, Berms & Rollers. Best resembles a linear pumptrack.

Prairie Loop Trail

A trail used to connect other trails that is primarily grass and field.

Bicentennial 2 Trail

Bicentennial (2) was rebuilt in fall of 2015 as a singular use double track trail. In spring of 2018, it was opened to bikes. Please be cautious of other users, as the DH portion of this trail is steep and fast.