Capital Improvement Project (CIP) funds for trails have been taken out of the budget.

The best way to get the funds back in the CIP is to contact your council member and let them know how important this funding is to you. Please write a personalized message or modify the example language below:

I am writing to express my concern over the removal of CIP funding for our trails. Not only do our trails benefit our entire community by allowing our trail users a free option to get outdoors, destress, and enjoy quality time away from electronics, they have a huge impact on our local economy. Our trail systems have so much opportunity to bring in tourists who will spend money at our local shops, hotels, and gas stations. Trails also help attract top talent for our hospitals, universities, corporate businesses, and small businesses and make our community a more attractive place to start new businesses. I am asking you to please support funding for the trails in the CIP.

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